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This assignment will focus on the different data (variable) types based on measurement levels. This activity will also introduce the survey method of gathering data. One of the things you need to do in creating a survey is to decide on the data type—how you are going to measure your variables.

For this assignment, create an account (free version) on the SurveyMonkey online system and then create a survey by reverse engineering an existing data set that came from a survey data set.

Go to and set up a free account.

Reconstruct (reverse engineer) and enter into SurveyMonkey a new survey that would be collected from the data found in the Excel file: "Student Survey." SurveyMonkey has several tutorials on how to use their product and how to set up questions and response choices. On their website, you will also find some very good templates illustrating several common survey types; use them as guidelines.

Pay particular attention to specifying the data type of the responses and proper wording and instructions for the respondent to have as a guide encouraging valid responses.

Once you create your survey, please copy the URL link that SurveyMonkey generates for a respondent to fill out and paste it into a Word document. This Word document is what you will upload for your assignment.

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