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It is time to choose an organizational communication scenario to use as the case study for your final project. Most learners choose a problem or issue they are experiencing at their current workplace, but you may use any of the following:

  • A former place of employment.
  • A club.
  • A committee.
  • An organization for which you volunteer.

If your organization is larger than 500 employees, you may choose to concentrate on a communication situation pertaining to a particular section or department.

Review the requirements of the final project before choosing your scenario. Carefully choose a situation that will serve as an example or illustration of an organizational problem that needs to be resolved.

Submit your choice in a properly formatted and cited paper long enough to adequately introduce your organization and present a high-level description of the scenario you have chosen to study. This assignment will serve as a section of your final project. Take into account the knowledge and skills you have acquired from completing the iGuide tutorials in Unit 6.

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