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Question 1      (4 points)
Suppose that we have ratings of a restaurant from a sample of 72 customers. Each of the ratings is either “poor,” “fair,” “good,” or “very good,” Please state and then explain which of the following two options is more suitable to test whether the typical rating is “good”: A hypothesis test for the population mean (like in Chapter 10) or a hypothesis test for the population median (like in Chapter 16)?


Question 2      (6 points)

Suppose that 14 individuals take a two-day course that is supposed to improve their knowledge of Web page design, which is rated as “not proficient,” “proficient,” or “advanced proficient.” Of the 14 individuals in the sample, 12 are rated higher after the course than before, 1 individual is rated lower, and 1 individual’s assessment is unchanged. Using a significance level of 0.05, can we conclude from this information that the course is successful in improving individuals’ knowledge of Web page design?

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