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I need to know if this can be done by Tomorrow...

I need to create Logical Design of a Datbase based on Ebay.com, the required files are added. Here is what I need to be done (By Saturday 1/8/2014):

1. Identify data items (USE Ebay_Introduction PDF)

2. Identify dependencies and design entities (project example PA-2 PDF)

3. Identify dependencies and design entities
[NOTE: indicate Primary Keys in bold, underline, and in red color]

4. Design E?R Diagram
[Note: the number of tables must meet the CIS405 Project Guide requirements. E?R Diagram must correspond to the tables designed. Use a graphics software tool or ER?Notations.

I am attaching 3 files:
1. The Ebay_Introduction PDF which is what we must use to get all metadata
2. project example PA-2 PDF which is the example
3. What I have so far but like I said, I need help.

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this is for the advance for the work
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