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Each problem needs to be answered in full sentences

Problem 1

An investigator is interested in knowing whether managers who were raised under authoritarian child-rearing practices are more authoritarian in their management practices than those raised in more democratic home backgrounds. He gets 300 managers to complete questionnaires that indicate the sort of child-rearing practices they experienced. From the results, it was possible to divide the 300 managers into 170 who came from democratic homes and 130 from authoritarian homes. The management practices of these two groups were assessed using rating scales completed by their subordinates.

  1. Which statistical test of differences should be used in this study? Why?
  2. Should a one- or two-tailed test be applied? Why?
  3. What is the null hypothesis that is being tested?
  4. If the researcher sets a criterion significance level of p<.001 prior to conducting the study and obtains p of exactly .01, what statement is made about the rejection or retention of the null hypothesis?
  5. Given the information about significance in (d) above is Type I or Type II error more likely?


Problem 2

This problem uses data file: 12B.sav

For this set of data do the following:

  1. Test the goodness of fit null hypothesis are not significantly biased towards any particular qualification.
  2. Test the goodness of fit null hypothesis that smokers and non-smokers are equally represented in the sample.
  3. Test the null hypothesis that there is no significant association between whether a person smokes or not and their drink preference.
  4. Test the null hypothesis that there is no statistical association between gender and qualifications held.
  5. Interpret your printout for each and discuss the results.
  6. Provide a brief analysis of your finding.
  7. Save a copy of your SPSS Output. 





Problem 3 

Select the best answer:

A Tukey test is used:

  1. to test the alternative hypothesis.
  2. to determine between which means significances lies.
  3. as a non-parametric alternative to ANOVA.
  4. when no significance differences are found. 


Problem 4

This problem uses data file: 13a.sav

For this set of data do the following. Include a copy of your SPSS output and a brief discussion of your findings:

One Way Independent Groups ANOVA: Determine whether there are significant mean current salary differences between persons using different house-funding arrangements. In other words, do those with higher salaries have mortgages or own their homes. Use variables ‘current salary’ and ‘house funding’ to formulate null and alternate hypotheses; conduct the analysis and interpret the results. 

Problem 5

Given the following regression equation, estimate Y when X = 50.

 Y = 1.45 + .5 (X)

Problem 6

This problem uses data file: 16A.sav

For this set of data do the following. Include a copy of your SPSS output and a brief discussion of your findings: 

Conduct a multiple regression entering all the predictors and determine the regression equation. Which are the best predictors and which contribute very little to the estimate of mean monthly sales value? Repeat with a stepwise regression, and explain what you found.

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