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To say that “You can learn about the mob life by watching a Joe Pesci movie” is an example of:
A) An anecdote.
B) A synecdoche.
C) An epidote.
D) A lepidote.

Glossophobia is another word for:
A) The fear of people.
B) The fear of social situations.
C) The fear of speaking on the phone.
D) The fear of public speaking.

Understanding your listeners and preparing to deliver a speech that will be of high interest to them is called _________________ .

The purpose of specialized speech is to inform to a professional audience.
A) True
B) False

We tend to associate people that have positive characteristics with:
A) Positive vocal image.
B) Negative vocal image.
C) Strong interpersonal skills.
D) Articulation and strong etiquette.

When messages get replaced by facial expressions, this is called confliction.
A) True
B) False

Two techniques of epideictic speech are:
A) Motivation and inspiration.
B) Identification and magnification.
C) Repetition and complexity.
D) Prop utilization and gesturing.

Broadcast speech is typically written in _________ tense.

Posturing is an example of something identified in the study of:
A) Kinesics
B) Proxemics
C) Paralanguage
D) Oculesics

A common misperception of public speaking is that the audience will only take you seriously if you’re serious.
A) True
B) False

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