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1. One thing not to do when preparing to write your speech is:
A) Do some research
B) Jot down notes as they hit you.
C) Go with a topic you know so no extra preparation is required.
D) Relax and delve into positive visualization.

2.Ceremonial speeches are also known as _____________ speech.
A) Epideictic
B) Repetitive
C) Acceptance
D) Honorable

3.An easy way to help your nerves before a speech is to:
A) Avoid overeating.
B) Avoid bright rooms
C) Avoid your audience
D) Avoid caffeine

4.Arguably the most popular type of speech out there is:
A) Ceremonial.
B) Persuasive
C) Motivational
D) Humorous

5.One thing that could help you develop your speaking skills is to master the ____.
A) Metaphor
B) Obvious
C) Mundane
D) Technical

6.Every good speaker knows that you have to be perfect in order to succeed.
A) True
B) False

7.According to Andrew Dlugan, incorporating humor is a bad idea when giving a public speech.
A) True
B) False

8.Identification and magnification are two techniques of epideictic speech.
A) True
B) False

9.Give three examples of a ceremonial speech

10.What is a trick that you personally will work on to overcome public speaking anxiety?

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