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Your Role/Assignment

Assume the character role of one of the representative described above. Name your character and describe the background of your character. Research the positions of your character's particular entity, industry, or activist group. As a member of a particular constituency (put yourself in character), write a plan for the energy production and consumption by Liechtenstein over the next 50 years.

Give a breakdown of the energy resources (e.g., oil, gas, wind, nuclear, solar) used, the energy produced, and the consumption by the country. Include mass transit and conservation as a resource resulting in a savings in energy.

In a spreadsheet, list the resources in the left column, the energy production amounts (kilowatt-hours or joules) in the next column to the right, the energy consumption (kilowatt-hours or joules) amounts in the next column to the right and the cost (Swiss francs, dollars or Euros) in the final column to the right. Total the columns.

In the text part of your plan, describe in an introduction the current state of energy in Liechtenstein. Then go on to describe your energy plan for the future and how it will operate. Give a rationale for why you chose this plan. Give a convincing argument why your plan is sensible for the country of Liechtenstein. Use at least six references, three from the Internet and three from the library. Cite all facts in your plan. The references and citations should follow either APA or MLA format. The plan should include at a minimum: one page for the cover sheet, three pages of text, double-spaced, and one page of spreadsheet. The role-playing assignment is worth 75 points. 




Creating and Describing Character 12 16 The character is introduced. The background of the character (bio) is presented. The character's affiliations are well documented. The author stays in character throughout the presentation of the plan.
Spreadsheet in Proper Format with Accurate Percentages and Computation 18 24 All the required columns are present and properly labeled. The numbers and percentages are based on well-founded estimates and the totals are computed accurately.
Evidence of Research 6 8 The position has been adequately researched and all sides of the question are presented and supported.
Detailed Description of Character's Energy Plan 12 16 Includes all the detail of the energy plan. No major parts are missing or left unexplained
Convincing Presentation of the Character's Position 12 16 Makes a persuasive argument. Justifies the position in detail. Easy to follow. Upon reading, the audience either agrees or disagrees.
Organization, Spelling & grammar 6 8 No misspellings, grammar mistakes, or typos.
Works Cited & Citations 9 12 The works cited is complete and covers all the areas. All facts in the paper are cited using the appropriate format.
Total 75 100 A quality "You Decide" will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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