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1- The following news release from CNN describes a software feature whose proper implementation might have prevented the crash of Korean Air Lines flight 801 in Guam in August 1997. What type of testing could have ensured that the feature was working properly in an appropriately sized area around Guam airport?


2- Categorize the following systems as S-, P-, or E-systems. For each one, explain why it belongs in that category. Indentify those aspects of the system that may change.


(a) an air traffic control system:


(b) an operating system for a microcomputer:


(c) a floating-point acceleration system:


(d) a database management system:


(e) a system to find the prime factors of a number


(f) a system to find the first prime number larger than a given number:



3- Explain why a cost model for reusing software must include costs for more than one project.


4- Suppose you are tracking the fault density in a series of similar products, so that you can monitor the effectiveness of the new inspection process you introduced. Over time, you find that the fault density decreases. Explain how you might determine whether the falling fault density is the result of inspections, increased understanding of the product, or sloppy inspection and development activities.

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