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Answer all four of the following questions as comprehensively as possible and you may use the Internet for your research, as long as you cite your sources. 


Instead of the normal multiple choice tests you are used to, you are going to have a mid-term and essay exam this quarter, so this may well be the first time you have taken examinations as they are given in graduate school.  There, you will take four courses a semester where you listen to lectures and read a great deal of material, and at the end of the term, you will take an exam in each course that may consist of only one question.  One question in which you have to factor in all of the information you learned from all of those sources.

You must answer these questions as comprehensively as possible if you hope to pass these courses.  Of course, there is no way you can remember everything you read, so the trick is to take good notes on all of your readings and then use these notes for your exams.  This means going back over the course material applying to those specific questions and using as much of it as necessary to answer the questions in detail.

So this is what I would like to see: a good reading of what the questions ask for and solid responses that account for everything the questions deal with.  I never quantify lengths of responses, but I can’t imagine answering one of the questions successfully in under at least 400-500 words.

Question 1

 By the year 2050, there will be 8.5 billion people in the world, of whom 5.5 billion will be living in urban areas.  The articles you read in week 5 said that a 'revolution in thinking' must occur to alleviate this crisis, but what form must this revolution take?


Question 2

 What are some of the things that governments in developing states can do to improve access to secondary educational opportunities for children?


Question 3

 What are some of the major causes for a lower life expectancy in the Third World than in the First?


Question 4

 There are several reasons why foreign aid is not resolving poverty in the Third World.  What are some of them and what can be done to correct this problem?


Question 5

 Africa has severe infrastructural problems but also the potential for good growth in the coming decades.  Discuss both of these issues.

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