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  • From: Mathematics, Calculus
  • Due on: Fri 10 Jan, 2014 (01:10am)
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  • Apply the Laplace transform method to solve differential equations representing first- and second-order passive (RLC) and active (RC and op-amp) circuits.
  • Apply the z-transform method to solve difference equations representing first- and second-order discrete time systems.
  • Analyze various continuous-time and discrete-time systems behavior using transfer functions.
  • Determine the appropriate filter specifications to process a signal with known spectral characteristics and determine the appropriate type and order of the filter in the analog case, FIR, or IIR type in the digital case.
  • Compute the statistical characteristics for a data set of measurements, including mean, median, and variance. Find a preliminary probability distribution for a given process using the frequency of occurrence.
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