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There is only one more task I need you to complete. Once again as a Team, I need you to recommend some recruitment and selection strategies for the client. Check the Client Communication to make sure you have all the information you'll need. Prepare a well-researched Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on the subtopics noted below. The scenario is that this is a formal presentation you will present to the Executive Team of your chosen clients organization. Your presentation will be detailed with "speaker notes" in the Notes Section of each slide. (These notes will correspond with what you would be saying as that particular slide is shown.) Include resources and citations in the style of APA; but since this is a PowerPoint presentation, do not double-space speaker notes.

Include a minimum of four different peer-reviewed sources.

Include the following in your well researched presentation.:

  • Organizational goals
  • Forecasted demographic changes
  • An analysis of projected workforce needs - for the next 5 years based on organizational goals as well as demographic changes
  • Workforce diversity objectives
  • Organizational culture
  • Methods for recruiting Candidates
  • Methods for screening candidates
    • Interview methods
    • Testing procedures
    • Interview process considerations
  • Methods for selecting candidates
  • Required Elements:
    • Impact of organizational diversity on the organization
    • Laws to consider for recruitment and selection
    • Present at least 16 and no more than 20 slides. Header and Reference Slides do not count.

Remember to make full use of color and graphics in developing your presentation, and don't forget who your audience is. Remember you are standing in front of them making this presentation, consider your words carefully.

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power point on organizational goals and demographic trends-100% ORIGINAL
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power point on organizational goals and demographic trends-100% ORIGINAL
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