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1. Read the article Sesame allergy: a growing food allergy of global proportions? (PDF file beneath the drop box) and prepare a summary of 3 pages (single space, 12 font size) addressing the indicated issues. (3 points)   PDF below Dropbox.

  • Article: Gangur et al, 2005, Sesame allergy: A growing food allergy of global proportions? Annals of Allergy Asthma Immunology. Jul;95(1):4-11; quiz 11-3
  • Issues to address: (a) Limitations of this study (0.5 point) (b) mechanisms of sesame allergy (0.5 point) (c) Prepare a table of the most recent listing of allergenic foods as identified by US FDA, European Union and Canada and cite the reference from where you obtained the information (2 points).
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