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  • Due on: Fri 01 Mar, 2019 (01:00pm)
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  • Analyze how physicians and hospitals have negotiated service contracts with third party payers.
  • Discuss how fee for service versus managed care models of reimbursement have contributed risk avoidance in their contract negotiations.
  • Recommend future strategies for physicians and hospitals to effectively negotiate service delivery contracts. Base the recommendation on your research and readings.

The paper must be formatted as follows:

  • 3–5 pages of text, double spaced.
  • A minimum of 6–8 outside references required.
  • Citations must appear within the body of your paper to correspond with the references listed at the end of the paper (i.e., if the resource is included in your Reference List, the resource must be cited in your paper).
  • Use Times New Roman 12-point font.
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