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The goal of the project is to help you understand the lives and challenges of immigrants in a major urban area and to consider how their lives may be improved.

Imagine you are a consultant for ACDBN. Your role is to analyze the history, traditional cultures, and economic environment of a major urban area in order to devise a plan to improve the lives of immigrants in that area. Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Dallas, TX will be the major urban area you will research. Note that based on this urban area, you may have to research two cities that are part of the same metropolitan area.
  • Use any additional information you find on the Internet to research and answer the following questions:
    • What is the population of your chosen area according to the latest census?
    • What are the major historical ethnic groups located in this area? In other words, who was there originally?
    • How many foreign born have been coming to the area since 2000?
    • Explain any major influx of new ethnic groups into the area within the last 20 years. Why did these groups come?
    • If there has not been any major influx in the past 20 years, explain why this did not happen.
    • Is the city changing radically and is there a flood of immigrants there contributing to change? Explain.

You must use APA format for your paper. Citations and resources must also be included and documented properly according to APA format.

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