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S-P-O Model of Healthcare Quality

Need information for a 2- to 3page paper in which you apply Donabedian's S-P-O model to an episode of health care you have observed as a provider or a consumer of health care services.

Describe a specific episode of health care service. Take care to respect the confidentiality of the people involved and do not use real names.

Describe the structural characteristics necessary for this service to occur, such as the organization, physical location, staffing.

Describe the processes that are a part of this treatment episode, such as entry into the system, diagnosis, treatment.

Describe the outcome of this service. How are good outcomes (quality) and bad outcomes determined?

In this specific episode of care, describe the relationship between structure and process, and between process and quality.

Based on your analysis so far, evaluate how quality is defined, measured, and reported with regard to this episode of care.

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Model of Healthcare Quality
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