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Choose a country that you have not lived in, nor spent more than a week in. Find at least three book sources and at least seven sources in all and begin reading about the culture of this country. You may choose a specific ethnic group in the country or discuss the country as a whole.

Research what a person would need to know in order to visit your country successfully. In your search, look for topics such as family, status of children, role of women, role of the aged, customs, taboos, superstitions, values, language, body language, gestures, prejudices, foods, clothing, work ethic, death and mourning rituals, marriage rituals, education, religion, traditions, holidays, and ways of celebrating. Also look for important events in history or politics that have shaped the culture.

Identify places that are a "must-see" for visitors to the country. This paper, when completed, will be a guide for the visitor to the country. It should be 1,250-1,500 words in length and may include maps, pictures, and drawings.

 Work needs to 100% authentic and have proper citing. I have to make a B or better on this paper, I have been burned in the past and not got decent grades with help. I am paying for what I need. Please help and stand by your word and work.

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