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Part C: Making Graph and Data-Based Decisions (60 points)


Paragraphs should be typed and written in complete sentences.  Please use project headings for each section.  Use Times New Roman, 12-pt font and double space.  Cite any resources in APA format. 


This assignment requires you to collect your own data and to use that information to make decisions. This project happens in two parts. Part (due Seminar 4) requires you to identify a topic. Parts 2-5 (due Seminar 5) require you to collect and use the data.


You will need to collect both qualitative and quantitative data.  You must design a survey to collect your data.  Make sure you have at least one qualitative and a least one quantitative variable question included in your survey.  Your instructor must approve your idea and survey before you start collecting data.  You may be able to collect your data in another method (i.e. internet sites) only with instructor approval. Examples and ideas are included on page 3.


Part 1 (Due Seminar 4)


1. Data collection idea and survey approval:

  • Choose a topic from your field of study.  Keep in mind you will need to collect at least 30 points of data for this project. Construct the sheet you will use to record your data. Your instructor must approve your idea and your data collection sheet before you can complete the rest of this assignment. (5 pts.)


Parts 2 – 5 (Due Seminar 5)


2. Introduction:  (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Explain why you are interested in your selected topic. (5 pts.)
  • Clearly state the goal of your study.  Explain what you are trying to determine with the data you are going to collect.  What qualitative data are you planning to collect?  What quantitative data are you planning to collect? (5 pts.)


3. Data Collection:  (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Identify the population for your study.  (3 pts.)
  • Discuss your method of sampling (i.e. random, systematic, stratified, convenience, etc.).  Explain why this method was chosen.  (3 pts.)
  • Does your method of sampling introduce any bias that may affect your results? (3 pts.)
  • Are you conducting an observational study or a survey?  Explain.  Include the survey you used to collect your data. (3 pts.)
  • Discuss limitations resulting from the sampling method chosen or sample size available. Include any problems encountered while trying to collect the data. (3 pts.)


4. Descriptive Statistics:  (1-2 pages)

  • Include raw data collected
  • Include descriptive statistics for your quantitative variable. Include the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation for the data you collected.  Show all calculations and work. (5 pts.)
  • Summarize your qualitative data variable by including percentages for the different categories. Show all calculation and work. (5 pts.)
  • Provide graphical summaries (at least two different graphs must be included in project, one for each type of data):
  • Quantitative data: Histogram or boxplot.  Summarize the graph(s).  Why did you choose to display the data the way you did?  (5 pts.)
  • Qualitative data: Pie chart, bar chart, or tables.  Summarize the graph(s).  Why did you choose to display the data the way that you did?  (5 pts.)


5. Final Conclusion: (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Summarize your final conclusions based on your sample data and your initial stated goals for the study.  Were you were surprised by the results of your project or did your summary verify what you suspected? Why? (5 pts.)
  • Make any recommendations for further studies on this topic.  Discuss what you have learned by doing this project.  (5 pts.)



Project Ideas (on next page)

Project Ideas (You are not limited to the list below):

Quantitative (or numerical) data consist of numbers representing counts or measurements.

Qualitative (or categorical) data consist of names or labels.


Quantitative:  Determine the average heart rate by collecting and recording heart rates.  Determine the average temperature of a healthy adult by collecting and recording temperatures.

Qualitative:    What is your #1 factor when choosing a doctor?

___ Friendly staff   ___ Location ___ Price ___ Great service ___ Takes my insurance



Quantitative:        How many hours a week do students study? _________


Qualitative:          What is your favorite subject in school?

            ___ Math   ___ English ___ Social Sciences ___ Art ___ Science



Quantitative:        Determine the monthly cost of cell phone plans by collecting and recording cell phone bills

Qualitative:          What are the considerations when choosing a cell phone provider?

            ___ Cost/Special Plans ___ Customer Service ___ Coverage




Quantitative:        How much do you pay to access the internet each month (add all plans, home and cell)? ________

Qualitative:          What type of computer/mobile device do you use to access the internet the most?

            ___ Laptop   ___ iPad ___ Smart Phone ___ Desktop




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