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Use the library, Internet, or any other available resources to write a 3–5 page paper that addresses the following questions:

  • Consider the possible stakeholders for your research project. Who are they?
  • What social, political, or personal factors might influence the direction of your research?
  • What interest groups would be involved?
  • What patterns might influence the direction of your research?
  • What are the possible policy implications of your research?
  • Provide some examples of policies that might result from your research.

Possible Points: 120


Topic Points: This can be a very difficult paper to structure because there are so many points you must discuss and identify, specific to your research. What I did was write one here that will make this much easier to structure and complete. I also put together  another research packet that will make things  easier on the paper.



            Identified Stakeholders (Think beyond the participants – who will benefit from this research, who will potentially be harmed.)

Factors Influencing the Research

            Few projects are done in an isolated box. If you are doing drug use, there are factors, if you are researching the police; there are numerous factors of influence.  Acknowledge                 them, explain potential issues, and explain the influence. I have included some key points for your benefit here across three specific areas:

            External (What are the external factors that can influence your research, i.e., Interest Groups?)

            Organization (What are the organizational influences – could it harm the organization?)

            Internal (There are always personal influences, what are they?)

 Research Results

            Assume you have an answer to your research question and write up the results.

Policy Implications

            Now that you have findings, an answer, to your research question. What are the policy implications? Look in the help file for an entire resource on policy implications.

Policy Changes

            What would you recommend, give me one or two policies (one paragraph)





I cannot stress enough that you must use an outline. I provide one here because this is a very difficult part of writing.

I have put together an outstanding set of resources that address the range of issues here. Check out the help file.

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