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Assignment Instructions
You have identified several companies that specialize in software for small businesses. Please write 
a “request for proposal” (RFP). To write an RFP, you need to identify the needs of the company. 
Begin by explaining the difference between system and application software. Next, identify three 
brands of system software (for example Linux or Windows 8). From the identified brands, 
recommend an operating system that would be appropriate for a business and explain why you are 
making the recommendation. 
The company also needs application software. Identify at least two types of application software the 
company may need (for example, word processing or image editing software) that would benefit the 
company. Next, find at least two examples of each type (for example, Word and WordPerfect). 
Identify the benefits and drawbacks of each and then recommend one brand of each type and 
explain why you are making the recommendation.


check the is a simple outline just fill in the blanks as A RFP..

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