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Unit 3

Crime Scene Investigation

IP  3-5 pages

A detective is called to a crime scene, where the female victim is in the kitchen and has been stabbed 13 times. The officer notices the following:

  • The room is in turmoil.
  • The family is not at home.
  • When the family is questioned, it is noted that nothing      is missing.
  • There is not any evidence of breaking and entering.
  • The victim has a knife next to her hand. The knife      holder is on the kitchen counter next to the victim.
  • There was a gun in a drawer 10 feet from the victim. It      was loaded with one bullet in the chamber.
  • The victim is 5 foot 9 inches tall, weighs about 140      pounds, and has well-developed muscles.
  • The coroner tells you that her fingernails were broken,      and there were bruises on her upper arms.

What would you say happened to this victim? What are some options for this scenario? What evidence do you do look at as the investigator? 

 Aussieinmiss only thank you

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