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"Why Can’t We Just Get Along?"  Please respond to the following:

According to the EEOC's complaint, Sara Bing converted to Pentecostalism in  2010.   As a member Sarah believes women cannot wear  pants.  In accordance with this religious  belief, Sarah has not worn pants since the fall of 2010.  Silver has worked for various J-Burgers and Fries restaurants since 1992.  Taste Like Home  purchased the restaurant where  Sarah worked in Hot Springs, AK. in April 2013.  The EEOC's complaint alleged that the companies informed Sarah she must wear pants to work because of their dress  code policy.  According to the EEOC,  Sarah told Taste Like Home she could not  wear pants because of her religious beliefs.   However, the companies ultimately fired her for refusing to wear pants  to work. 


What are some beliefs and practices of Christianity?


Did the company do the right thing?


If you were the manager, how would you handle this situation?

"Differences in Islam"  Please respond to the following:

James's employer requires all of its employees to be clean-shaven. James is a newly hired employee, and was hired based on an online application and a telephone interview. When he arrives the first day with an unshorn beard, his supervisor informs him that he must comply with the "clean-shaven" policy or be terminated. James refuses to comply, but fails to inform his supervisor that he wears his beard for religious reasons.


What are some beliefs and practices of Islam?



Did the employer do the right thing?



     If you were the manager, how would you handle this situation?

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