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To learn more about Google's recruiting, selection, training, and development processes. You will submit an APA-formatted research paper that addresses these functions.

If the required details are unavailable for the organization you chose, you may research and present recommendations on the topics in the bulleted list below.

Your assignment must include four resources to support your analysis. One resource can be your textbook. Examples of other acceptable choices include informational interviews, scholarly journals, and white papers from professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). (White papers from SHRM are typically available only to its members.)

Your assignment should contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. For this assignment, address the following:

Recruiting and Selection:

  • Describe the laws related to recruiting by which the organization must abide.
  • Describe the company's recruiting methods.
  • Does it appear that this organization is hiring? Based on the information you are able to gather through your research, what are some assumptions you can make about the labor needs of this company?
  • Briefly describe recruiting sources, both internal and external to the organization.
  • Examine the selection process used, including testing, background checks, drug screening, interviews, and so forth.
  • Briefly describe elements (for example, compensation, geographic location, and size) of the organization that would make it more or less desirable as an employer.

Training and Development

  • What are the steps you believe this organization would take to identify their training needs based on our discussion of training-needs analysis?
  • Briefly describe training methods used within the organization.
  • Briefly describe how this company should measure the effectiveness of its training programs.
  • Briefly describe the organization's use of both internal and external resources to assist with training.
  • Briefly describe training programs used for employee orientation, diversity, and harassment prevention.
  • Describe how this company should measure the organization's ability to attract and retain talent.
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