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Work with your group to interview managers of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and third-party logistics companies that are part of the supply chain you are researching. Find out how each measure the supply chain performance and how they attempt to perform better than their competitors. Revise project draft based on instructor feedback, and provide an overview of your entire proposal in an Executive Summary. 


Good evening team!

We are very very close to the finish line on this project!  I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this paper so far.  I've posted the professor's comments on our last Milestone below.  Note, the interviews and executive summary weren't due until the final project submission so we are okay there.  The summation he mentions below isn't in the rubric, but is something we now need to add, so I'll need input from everyone on that as well.  Fortunately that should just come from our personal experience throughout and shouldn't involve a lot of research.  

I will spend some time this weekend researching company financials and inserting information from there into different sections of the paper as needed.  It would be really really helpful if we could get everyone's submissions for their interviews and final thoughts by Sunday night (May 5th) so I can put together a draft of the final paper on Monday and post it for everyone's thoughts.

Let me know if this will work for everyone.  Thanks again!


Professor Feedback:

"Team 2: I thought this effort was very similar to the previous version. I thought all of the graphs and charts added to the discussion, but I would like to sae more, and they need to delve more into the company financials. Additional issues I did see were that there needs to be some final editing. I would like to see a summation and a good introduction to explain why you chose this company, what you expected to learn, and how you would achieve that accomplishment. I would like the summation to show how you might have failed in those achievements, and why. The summation should pull it all together in a page or less. Finally, it was not clear to me who you interviewed and what was gained from that effort."




Here is the summary of my interview with a configuration and logistics center in Atlanta, Georgia.  This was their their master planner, Sally Alonso.  They are a flextronics company.

Question: What does your site do?

Answer: We take semi finished goods, do final assembly and quality check, and transition to finished goods.  We do this for several manufacturers, for all different industries.  Next, we take care of returned merchandise and fixing if possible.  Last, we take care of the logistics and booking the freight for the different distribution centers that product goes to.


Question: So would you consider yourself a distributor?

Answer: yes, but we do more than distribution, we bring product to final form.  We are more than a 3PL, because we do quality checks.  I would consider us a sub manufacturer.


Question: What is your largest KPI you use to measure success?

Answer: We use several KPIs, the biggest of which is delivery precision.  This is a measurement of how accurate the first confirmation of delivery date is.  For example, what % of orders ship within 2 days of the original confirmation date?  We keep that KPI at 90%, because we dock ourselves for both early and late delivery.   Another KPI we use is service level, meaning what % of our shipments are within the standard lead time for that product.  Our KPI there is 95%.  We also have KPIs regarding quality and RMAs.


Question: How do you choose logistics companies to partner with?

Answer: Our logistics companies are chosen by the distributor for which this product is going, so we follow their rules, or "routing guides" to ship product.  We are close to several logistics companies hubs to make this even smoother.




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