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8-1 Discussion: Bullwhip Effect

Refer to the Minimization of Bullwhip Effect section in the Module Nine lecture document. One of the bullets says that the lead time may be reduced by submitting electronic orders. How else may lead time be reduced? Will transportation cost change with reduction in lead time? Discuss with examples?


Task: Submit to complete this assignmentAnswer questions 2, 4, and 6 from the Discussion Questions section of Chapter 5 in the textbook. Submit your answers.



8-5 Term Project: Continue Work

Group/section restrictions.

Work with your group to interview managers of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and third-party logistics companies that are part of the supply chain you are researching. Find out how each measure the supply chain performance and how they attempt to perform better than their competitors. Revise project draft based on instructor feedback, and provide an overview of your entire proposal in an Executive Summary. 

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QSO 630 wk8 discussion
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