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Identify 4 independent variable and two dependent variable based on the business.  Operationalize these variables, making sure that the dependent variable is interval or ratio level.  You should have at least 8 variables with 30 observations recorded in an excel database.

Develop a real or realistic scenario for the introduction based on the company you chose and the two variables. Include a background, a business problem and the team's role of no more than 350 words.
Develop a research question from the two variables.

 paper will include:
--The secondary research on the company or issue--20%
-- The data base as described above--40%
-- State your business and research questions--20%
-- Form a hypothesis regarding the effect of the independent variable upon the dependent variable.--20%

Please use attached spreadsheet to come up with a realistic business scenario and come up with 4 tests/graphs along with analysis that supports the data.



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