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Using Python, implement a translator. Need to create a dictionary to hold the terms to traslate or looking up. The dictionary can translate languages, slang terms, error messages, present course descriptions for classes, provide definitions for diesases, give reviews of restaurants or movies....your choice.

For example (translator illustration):

Welcome to the translator!


1=look up a term

2 =Add a term

3=Redefine a term

4=Delete a term

Choice: 1

What wouldyou like to have translated? 404

404 means clueless. Web error message 404 means page not found.



  1. Createa dictionary, and display the dictionary inintially.
  2. Give the user instruction on what to enter
  3. Access dictionary values, using a key to reteive values
  •   Test a key with the in operator before retriving a value.
  • Use the get() method to retrive a value

      4. Understand dictionary requirements:

  • A dictionary can't contain multiple item with the same key.
  • A key must be immutable. It can be a string, number or a tuple. [ A key must be immutable to make sure it is not changed to a key which is already in the dictionary.]
  • Values do nt have to e unique. Values can be nutable or immutable, whatever you'd like.



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