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1. The purpose of a specialized speech is to:
A) Convince the audience to think a certain way.
B) Demonstrate or educate a professional audience
C) Commemorate a special event
D) Train the listeners on a certain activity

2. What does an after-dinner speech do?
A) Divides the bill
B) Informs the audience
C) Entertains the audience
D) Closes out the affair

3. One way to NOT display extempo is to
A) Have only one main point
B) Give just enough detail but not too much.
C) Explain your thesis and tie your points back to it.
D) Acknowledge your nervousness

4. Sometimes, the best thing to do to keep your speech extemporaneous is to:
A) End with a personal story
B) Try to invoke emotion from the listeners with a heartfelt memoir
C) Ask for audience participation
D) Quit while you’re ahead

5. What are a few components of extemporaneous speech?

6. How can emphasis change the meaning of a sentence?

7. In your opinion, what distinguishes political rhetoric from specialized speech?

8. Vocal points are one way to concentrate on your audience.
A) True
B) False

9. Fact-checking is a critical part of political rhetorica
A) True
B) False

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