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One of the primary objectives of cognitive psychologists is to study and ultimately understand how people think. It is difficult to discuss how people think without discussing inherent differences in thinking ability, that is, intelligence. Using the information presented in this week's readings, discuss the following:

  • How would you define intelligence?

  • Is intelligence the single best predictor of success? Why or why not?

  • Are there multiple types of intelligence or just one unifying type of intelligence?

  • Apart from your intellectual abilities, identify the skills and/or abilities that aid you the most as you move through school, work, and life. Explain.

Don't forget to cite your source information!!! APA format

INSTR notes 

While developing your response to this question, keep in mind that intelligence is much more complex than a simple score on an IQ test. According to the lecture, we can’t really measure intelligence directly, so try to describe what you think intelligence really is…what are the behaviors that you think exemplify intelligence? Is being very intelligent always the key to success or are there other issues to consider? What factors do you think really help people to succeed?

For those of you, who are not familiar with the concept of multiple intelligences, please review this article:

Try to back up your thoughts with any credible source information you can find.

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