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 Instructions for all essays 

To get a satisfactory grade, you might want to aim to produce a report that fulfills qualitative criteria. 

Criteria include but are not limited to: 

1. Accurate and relevant content. 

2. Comprehensiveness within the number of sentences you submit. Obviously, brief answers (those that contain less than . page of information for each question) may be correct; however, they cannot contain enough specific, detailed information to warrant the highest grades. The decision to aim for high grades by putting time and effort into the answer to each question is yours. 

3. Details and embellishments, including relevant examples and/or illustrations that you may choose from your reading and relevant experiences 

4. Edit to avoid grammatical and spelling errors. 

5. Clarity of the presentation. Use your own words, not words taken directly from the textbook. Your textbook has all the information that you will need, but if you choose to add additional information to your report and go to other sources, please indicate your references. 

Do NOT use Wikipedia. To help yourself focus on relevant information, re-type each question and each sub-question just before your answer. This also helps the reader clarify which question you are choosing to answer and insures that you will be given proper credits. Also leave two line spaces after you complete one question and before you go on to another. Edit for grammar and spelling errors. 

EssaysCh16 40 points there are four essay questions; one has two parts, a and b. 

Each short essay must be at least half a page long, 12 font, one and half spaces between lines. If your essay is considerably shorter, there is a strong possibility that you do not have enough details, explanations, or descriptions to qualify for a grade which fulfills the criteria listed in the instructions. 

16.1 Compare positive psychology to the three other theories previously studied.(10) 

16.2 Explain the broaden-and-build model of positive emotions.(10) 

16.3 (a ) Differentiate between moods and emotions.( 5) 

(b)Explain how positive moods can lead to creativity and speed of thought (5). 

16.5 Relate how the traits of resilience, gratitude and spirituality can be used in daily life.(10)

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