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You are one of many training specialists in your company. You have been asked to design a training module for managers on how to meet the learning needs of their departmental employees. Meet the employees.  The all have different needs.  You will need to decide on these needs first.

The title of the training will be "The Importance of Understanding Your Learners' Needs".

If your proposal is chosen as the training module for the company, you will be granted a substantial bonus and a raise.   Woohoo!  But you have to get the job first.

For the written portion of your final assignment, you will create a training module design that includes five strategic principles that you will apply in the training to assist your own training module in being successful, and a minimum of five principles of learning that you want to “teach” to your group of managers. You will base your choices on the hypothetical group of managers that you want to train. These principles may include any theoretical elements that have been introduced to you in the course. Examples of principles from these areas are provided below:

  • Behaviorism – repetition, reinforcement (feedback), association, and classical and operant conditioning
  • Cognitivism – assimilation, accommodation, the information processing model, and intellectual stimulation
  • Constructivism – scaffolding, metacognition, problem-solving and inquiry-based learning
  • Humanism – holism, personal agency, and motivation

You may also wish to review the following online sources to guide you in making decisions for your training:

  • Cognitivism
  • Humanism in Education
  • Workshop: Constructivism as a Paradigm for Teaching and Learning
  • How to Use Behaviorism in a Classroom.
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