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 Review the attached article and describe the pros and cons of the particular managed health care plan presented in the article.  The  paper should include the following:

a.   What are the areas of opportunity/benefit?
b.   What are the weaknesses/areas of improvement?
c.   What innovation is needed?
d.   Detail the management/governance system in place.
e.   What is the impact on the patients, providers, and practitioners?
f.   What are your recommendations?
g.   Do you agree with the authors views?

For writing an essay, you should have three main parts, introduction, body, and conclusion in an essay. Introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and thesis statement. You need to describe what will be covered in the paper. Be concise and to the point.  Your conclusion should be a summary of your essay and should repeat the main ideas. The best way to organize and present the information in the body of your essay is to follow the questions to be answered—about 1 (to 3) paragraphs for each question. Finally you include a Conclusion by summarizing the key points.

The paper must be three to five double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style .   Utilize a minimum of three (one of which is the article used for review) scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years. All sources must be documented in APA style.

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