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Need help with the spread sheet portion of this assignment badly.

Please see the instructions below. I can provide all my research up to current week 10 to help. The reference site I have used isÂ

Boeing is my company and all research was done on this link. Most questions covered 2008-2009 but some did cover the annual over time. If you wish to help me with the spread sheets please contact me and I can provide all other material I have done to this point for better understanding.

At this time I am looking for help on the spread sheet information as I should be able to take care of the written portion unless otherwise notified.


Your final project is due in Module 11. There will be individual research assignments along the way that will help you in the development of your final project. The module they are due is noted in the time line below.

Time Line




Select a Company


Ratio Analysis of Fixed Assets


Ratio Analysis of Current Liabilities


Liability Analysis and Debt Ratio


Analysis and Return on Equity


Analysis, Free Cash Flow, and Cash Conversion Cycle


Final Project Due


Choose a publicly held company. Collect two consecutive years of financial statements for the company. Visit the company's website and access an annual report under the investor/shareholder tab. Familiarize yourself with the company's history, goals, and objectives.

  1. Create a vertical and horizontal analysis report for the company's income statement and balance sheet. (This will result in four separate spreadsheets)
  2. Prepare a full ratio analysis of the company using your analysis assignments. (This will consist of one spreadsheet)
  3. Prepare a research paper according to the following criteria:
    1. Company overview(1-2 pages)
      1. History
      2. Executive Management team
      3. Projections for the future
      4. Other pertinent information
    2. Industry and competitive analysis (1-2 pages)
      1. Who are the 3 main competitors?
      2. What are the competitors' strengths?
      3. How competitive is the market?
      4. Projections for the future of the industry as a whole
    3. Conclusions (1 page)
      1. Company growth potential
      2. Your fully supported recommendation for investment. This is where you summarize the rest of the paper applying the information you have gained. Why did you decide how you decided?
    4. Attach copies of the financial statements or provide the URL of the website where the financial statements can be found.
  • Your final paper should be 4-6 pages in length.
  • Your spreadsheets should be contained onto five separate tabs of a single Excel file.
Financial Accounting Project_all work so far and instructions.docx
Financial Accou...
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