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This homework consists of 2 question both questions must be answered:

Provide at least 2 references for each question

Each answer must at least one paragraph in length

1) Change is a given for any project and change can impact schedule, budget, risk, quality, etc. As a project manager you have the responsibility to create a change management process for your project that effectively evaluates change and minimizes impact.  The paramount expectation of a project manager as relates to change is the responsibility to proactively eliminate the need for change or stated another way to prevent the root cause of change.  In the Discussion area, please define your understanding of the concept of proactively eliminating the need for change and how you would implement this concept in your project's change management process.  Be prepared to substantiate your choice(s) to your classmates. 


2) Schedule shortening Options = Fast Track, Crash, Scope Reduction, Re-estimate the baseline or Cut Quality.  In the Discussion area, please discuss the general impact  each of these options will have on the overall project and discuss the stakeholder requirements / coordination required to enact any of these options.  Also, pick the one option that you feel would be the easiest to implement and why.  Be prepared to substantiate your choices to your classmates.


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Project's Change Management Process
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