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Answer Activity 1 and 2 in 6 to 8 lines each.

Answer thouroughly and provide at least 2 references

Learning Activity #1

It is widely believed that a Risk Register is a project manager's best risk response tool.  Please discuss the five most critical elements a risk response plan must have in order to be useful to you a project manager and why you include these five elements to the exclusion of all others.  Be prepared to substantiate your choices to your classmates.

Learning Activity #2

Please research Ishikawa's Seven Basic Tools of Quality and describe the tool that you believe is the most effective measurement of a project's quality and explain why.  If none of Mr. Ishikawa's tools suit your quality needs feel free to offer an alternative tool and convince the class that this is the best alternative approach.  Be prepared to substantiate your choices to your classmates.

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project management risk
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