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You are in project manager on the Extreme Pogo Stick (XPS) project for your company.  Your project is to develop a pogo stick capable of reaching heights of fifteen feet.  The company has president, Dave Armstrong, feels there is a potentially strong market for the XPS.  He predicts that it may be suitable for   X-Games and potentially in the Olympics.  However, Dave is very concerned that the XPS be brought to market quickly so that it can capture market share.  But he also wants the XPS to be engineered so that it maximizes the potential for athletes to complete the significant tricks without damaging the system or themselves.

Dave Armstrong is concerned about the schedule that you have provided him.  Dave had told customers that the XPS would be ready before the forthcoming Pogopalooza Xpogo World Championship Series on March 17, 2017. Dave has provided additional resources, however the project will not be ready before the MArch 17, 2017 deadline.
Dave Armstrong has asked you to meet with him in his office.  He continues to be concerned about the schedule.  From a business perspective, he believes that this project will allow him to capture and hold 80% of the market but only if the project can (1) meet the March 17, 2017 deadline, and (2) meet all the performance expectations.  He states that he has been briefed on two different methods of doing a project: Critical Chain Project Management and Agile Project Management.  Based on your work to date on planning the project, he wants you to frame an approach that examines what you have done to date, and compare that approach with both Critical Chain and Agile.  He wants your recommendation on which approach will best meet the company expectations.  He wants you to specifically address cost, schedule, scope and quality for each of the methodologies, and to recommend the best approach for this project in a white paper of no more than 8 pages.
You have been using traditional PMBOK practices. Write a 6 to 8 page white paper examining the PMBOK pratices that you have used and compare it both Critical Chain and Agile  state which approach will best meet the company expectations specifically address cost, schedule, scope and quality for each of the methodologies
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