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Rubric Name: Project Assessment Activity Rubric (6%)


demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking, is consistent in accurately interpreting questions & material; provides solid assumptions, reasoning & claims; thorough analysis & evaluation with sound conclusions 

shows good critical thinking; accurately interprets most questions & material; usually identifies relevant arguments/reasoning/claims; offers good analysis & evaluation with fairly sound conclusions

shows occasional critical thinking; questions & material is at times accurately interpreted; arguments/reasoning/claims are occasionally explained; offers fair analysis & evaluation with a conclusion

shows little critical thinking, misinterprets questions or material; ignores or superficially evaluates; justifies little and seldom explains reasoning; draws unwarranted conclusions

lacks critical thinking consistently offers biased interpretations; ignores or superficially evaluates; argues using poor reasoning, and/or unwarranted claims 

consistently makes connection between the artifacts as the project is developed 

connections are mostly evident;  ideas presented demonstrate student’s understanding of the connectivity between the artifacts

demonstrated some understanding of the connectivity between the artifacts; missed a key connection or two minor connections within the scope of the project

artifacts are loosely linked; unclear views of the connections within the elements of the project

fails to make connection between the artifacts during the development of the project

clear focus on the technical components of the assignment and demonstrates a complete understanding of the project management knowledge areas

focus on technical components of the assignment present; demonstrates an understanding of the of the project management knowledge areas but missing 1 or 2 technical facets of the assignment  

focus on technical components of the assignment is inconsistent; demonstrates some understanding of the project management knowledge areas 

no clear focus on technical components of the assignment; lacks understanding of the project management knowledge areas

not focused and/or fails to demonstrate the technical aspects of the assignment

demonstrated full understanding of requirements responded to each aspect of assignment

demonstrated understanding of requirements; missed one minor aspect of assignment

demonstrated some understanding of requirements; missed a key element or two minor aspects of assignment

failed to show a firm understanding of requirements; missed two key elements or several minor aspects of assignment

did not demonstrate understanding of assignment requirements

writing is clear and easy to follow; grammar and spelling are all correct;  formatting gives a professional look and adds to readability

most ideas are presented clearly; occasional spelling and/or grammar issues

wordy; some points require rereading to understand fully; more than an occasional spelling and/or grammar

unclear and difficult to understand; frequent spelling and grammar issues

largely incomprehensible writing/poorly written in terms of mechanics and structure

no APA style errors

attempts in-text citation and reference list but 1 or 2 APA errors are present

attempts in-text citation and reference listing; APA style errors are present: inconsistencies in citation usage can be found throughout the document 

attempts either in-text citation or reference list but omits the other

no attempt at APA style

Overall Score



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