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  • Has to use a c variety language and microsoft visual studio 2012 professional compiler

  • Build an implementation of a queue ADT.

  • Use this implementation to build a simulation of waiting queues at an airline check-in counter, organized as follows:

    • There are two types of passengers: first class and coach.

    • There are two service stations for first class and three for coach.

    • There is a single queue for each type of passenger (first class, coach).

    • Passenger arrival times are random and are generated by a random number generator.

    • Average arrival rates for passengers are R1 for first class and R2 for coach. These are decided at run-time by prompting the user.

    • Service time is random and varies uniformly between 1 and S1 for first class, and between 1 and S2 for coach. Parameters S1 and S2 are also determined at run-time, by prompting the user.

    • Whenever a service station is available and the corresponding queue is not empty, we pick the passenger at the front of the queue and place her/him on the service station.

    • Whenever a first class service station is available and the first class queue is empty, the service station may service a passenger from coach.

    • The duration of the experiment, in minutes, is decided by the user at run time.

    • Statistics generated by the simulation include: average service time, maximum service time, number served in each class, maximum queue length for each type of passenger.

  • Submissions for programming assignments must include three components:

    • the source code, preferably in pdf format.

    • three or four sample executions of the program, showing the cycle of user interactions (submitting inputs, posting outputs).

    • the program in some executable form, or a URL where I can execute your program remotely. Please do not assume that I have a copy of your compiler, or that I can download it. I also cannot recreate your run-time environment.

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