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The Butler did it with the Candlestick…

This written assignment is going to examine the concept of murder and manslaughter.

You are to select one of the cases from the below list and research that case in detail.

If the case is a foreign case analyze it under current U.S. law.

You should examine each crime that may be charged in the case and discuss the factors of the crime to the facts of the case.

In each case, what elements are necessary to

  • prove murder and manslaughter, does the role of consent play a role or could there even be a conspiracy theory.
  • Assume that you are the prosecutor in this case, who could and whom would you charge and under what theories (you can charge as many people as you want and multiple charges can be made).
  • For each of these individuals, now assume that you are defending the individual, state what defenses or arguments you would raise.

Select one of the following:

1. Oscar Pistorius

2. Amanda Knox

3. Phil Spector

Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, using APA style formatting, and should incorporate proper citations and outside sources.


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The Butler did it with the Candlestick
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