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Validating Forensic Files and Forensically Analyzing Data Overview

This case project will use the data files on your Student DVD\Chapter 9. This is an industrial espionage investigation on suspect Chris Murphy who works at Superior Bicycles. This project will have you validating forensic images, processing the data forensically by conducting key word searches and locating graphic files, as well as, finding EXIF data in the photos to determine what tools Chris used to take pictures of kayak prototypes and smuggle them out of the office.

This project will take you 3-4 hours to complete. You will have two weeks to complete this project. Your final forensic case report will be due in Module or Week 6.

In your C:\Work folder, create a new folder labeled “Chap09”, then create another folder called “Projects” within the “Chap09” folder. Then extract all files from the Chap09\Projects folder on the Student DVD to your work folder.

You will then follow specific step by step instructions in your book on pages 377-379, under sub-sections Hands-On Project 9-2, Hands-On Project 9-3 and Hands-On Project 9-4.

When you have completed each project, you will compile one forensic report that will include a short memo to Ileen Johnson, the lead investigator on this case, summarizing your findings and what they indicate, as well as, a full forensic case report on what you found and how this evidence is relevant to the case. The memo and case report will be due in Week 6.

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