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PLease help with this assignment

Prison Reform  (Topic)

3 – 4 pages of body + reference page

This class is a culmination of all the Criminal Justice classes. The topic I select for my thesis should be carefully considered and one that can be covered in my limited amount of time while remaining interesting to me and my audience. Although I have received classroom instruction concerning the public sector careers, I can’t forget about the private sector careers. Did you know that one of the department stores has two forensics labs in the United States. One is in the western states and the other is located in the northeast, and both locations process fingerprints and other forensics evidence? Did you know that one of the fast food restaurants has a huge security department that is responsible for global security and an intelligence unit that tracks terrorism worldwide? Also, did you know that every professional sports team, most Fortune 500 companies, and amusement parks have security, quick response teams, and investigation teams? In the selection of my topic for my final project I will examine all possible areas of interest both in the public and private sectors. Research topics of interest in which you would love to have a career.  (Prison Reform is my choice).

Finalize the thesis that I will pursue for research. Now develop a research plan that will include the following:

Thesis statement: This statement presents the problem or issue I intend to research, and it should be clear and concise. Hypothesis: This is a statement of prediction regarding the results of the problem or issue. Briefly identify a working solution to the problem. How might my working solution solve the problem? Be sure to note that my working solution will evolve through continued research and analysis. Measurement and analysis approach: Define the key points thatI will research and explain how I will gather and analyze the data found. Intend to incorporate information related to technology and crime statistics that apply to my issue. Applicable resources: Identify 5 sources that I have found that are the most relevant and best support my purpose statement. List the sources and then record the main idea as notes to use as part of my research later. Identify case studies, library, Web, and other scholarly resources. Ethical standards: What are my ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure that my final report will be of the highest ethical standards?


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