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Prison Reconstruction

Please help with this assignment

1-2 page body + reference page

Prison Reconstruction

I have been assigned as the new warden to a closed-security prison. This prison has been overwhelmed with security lapses that have resulted in four escapes over the past 3 years. The assaults among inmates have risen 30% over the past year, and there have been two assaults on staff in the past 6 months. My assignment is to resolve the situation

 Provide thoughts and comments by answering a minimum of 2 times for each of the questions and provide support and references for contributions where necessary.

  • What should I do ?
  • List at least 4 of my priorities?
  • Explain what measures I should take to protect inmates?
  • Explain what measures I should take to protect staff?
  • How should I handle the vocational aspects of the      prison and the academic educational aspects so that all instructors,      staff, and inmates are protected?
  • How will I implement my changes?


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Prison Reconstruction
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