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Case Scenario: 
A multi-million dollar regional company has grown rapidly in recent years. The organization does not have the internal capacity or expertise to leverage the marketing opportunities that are vital to future growth. The president is planning to outsource the marketing strategic planning and execution for the next three years. However, before the president turns over the company’s strong brands, the company wants assurance that the outside firm can handle the task. Four consulting firms have applied, made the preliminary cut, and have been invited to compete for the opportunity. To complete, the firms have been asked to analyze the marketing endeavors of a highly visible company of their choosing. The president will evaluate each firm’s ability to provide helpful insights regarding all aspects of marketing function. This includes a sharp critique of marketing endeavors and forward thinking, both of which should be evident in recommendations that are based on the analysis.

Assignment instructions:

Assume you are the leader of a marketing firm that was selected to compete for the marketing position in the company by demonstrating your marketing abilities.  Select a Fortune 500 company to serve as a hypothetical focus for your case.  Gather research on the company you have selected, and prepare a 15 minute presentation. 

NOTE: This project is easiest if you select a company that represents an industry in an area of interest for you.  Focusing on a company that produces or offers a limited number of products or services (or focusing on a specific product or service within a company with broader offerings) may also make the project simpler by limiting the scope of your project.


Use PowerPoint as the presentation medium and include a full write up of each topic (see outline below) in the note pages of the PowerPoint file sharing a written and graphic analysis of the brand. Submit a hard copy of this presentation with full note pages to the instructor on the evening of presentations.  You will not have time to fully elaborate on your analysis during a 10 minute presentation, so the note pages content will allow your instructor to grade the full analysis.  Therefore, the note pages content is NOT your presentation script.


Your analysis should include two major sections: 
1. Analysis of every marketing aspect of the brand

  • Marketing Ps
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • Market share of at least top three competitors graphically (HINT: use a bar chart, pie chart, etc.) Target market (demographics) and any evident market segmentation
  • Strategic effectiveness of all marketing activities


2. Recommendations for future endeavors

  • Growth strategy
  • Target
  • Positioning
  • Distribution/trade
  • Product
  • Communication channels
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Justification for the degree to which recommendations reflect a fully integrated plan


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