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Political Cartoons -  Political cartoons have been used for many decades to poke fun or provoke thought about individuals or political events. Most political cartoons use caricature and satire to create humor. Caricature selects and exaggerates a characteristic of the subject of the cartoon. Satire uses sarcasm or irony to make fun of someone or some event. This extra credit assignment requires you to analyze 2 political cartoons. I have provided additional information on analyzing political cartoons below. Your final write-up should be 300 - 500 words in length. Please cut and paste the cartoon (or link directly to cartoon) in your write up. Although you are free to select any cartoon you wish, a good compilation of political cartoons can be found at:

http://www.cnn.com/POLITICS/analysis/toons/archive.html Answering the following questions about each cartoon:

1. List the objects and people in the cartoon. 2. Are symbols present within the cartoon? 3. What do the symbols represent? 4. What caption or title has been selected for the cartoon? 5. What dates or numbers are present? 6. What words of phrases in the cartoon are most important? Why? 7. List the adjectives that describe the emotions portrayed in the cartoon. 8. Describe the action taking place in the cartoon. 9. How do the words used in the cartoon clarify the symbols? 10. What issue is this political cartoon about? 11. What message has the artist attempted to portray? 12. What is the cartoonist’s opinion on this issue? 13. What other opinion can you imagine another person having on this issue? 14. Did you find this cartoon persuasive? Why or why not? 15. What other techniques could the cartoonist have used to make this cartoon more persuasive? ***Although these are listed as questions, please write an essay that incorporates this information for each cartoon.

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