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Which of the following best demonstrates "articulating the goal of the decision?"



John explains to his friends that he is putting himself through medical school because he wants to get a job in which he can save lives.


Due to the need to serve an increasing number of clients, Nada decides to hire another technician.


When deciding on what computer to buy, Sonya knows she wants one with a graphics card.


Amy decides that she will make a trip to see the Dome of the Rock, no matter what.

Of the following questions, which one would most likely be the LEAST helpful to ask?



What are the probable outcomes of this choice?


Would this option effectively solve the problem?


Which of these options would require the least amount of effort?


Does it fit with my personal ethics?

During a discussion about women being subjugated in the Middle East, Vanessa argues that you can't judge other countries for their practices because people in different parts of the world have different beliefs. What moral theory is Vanessa using?



moral relativism


cultural relativism


religious relativism


authoritarian moral theory

Which of the following is most likely to be driven by ideology, culture, or commercial goals?



frequently replicated scientific experiments


scientific explanations




scientific methods

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