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For this assignment, research at least 3 different types of computerized accounting software.

  • 400-600
  • Provide a background on each including what they offer and how they are different.
  • Include at least 3 pros and cons for each, while taking into consideration the types of businesses.

On December 1, 2011, Larry and Samantha West formed a corporation called Farm Branch Rentals. The new corporation was able to begin operations immediately by purchasing the assets and taking over the location of LMNOP Rentals, an equipment rental company that was going out of business.

With this in mind, Samantha and Larry want you to explain to them the pros and cons of converting from a manual to a computerized accounting system, as well as give a recommendation of software or hardware that would work best for their business. Submit your explanation in a memo. 

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Phase 1 DBAccouting210
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3 different types of computerized accounting software
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