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These are all short answer essays requiring at least a half page, 12 font, one and half line spacing, for each question.

Criteria: Accuracy, clarity, comprehensiveness using details and/or relevant examples within body of your presentation. You may choose relevant examples from your own experiences. 

Format: Re-type each question just before your answer. Leave two lines spaces after you complete each question/answer and before you begin to type the next question. I expect you to edit for spelling & grammar. 


10.2 Explain the cultural influences to the process of selecting a mate. (6 points) 

10.3 List and then Describe, in detail with examples, the 4 vulnerable areas in marital adjustment. (6 points) 

10.4 Explain the developmental pattern of stepfamilies. Give relevant details and/or examples to bolster your presentation. (6 points) 

10.5 Describe contemporary attitudes toward alternative relationship lifestyles. Include information about developing trends in cohabitation and single lifestyles. (6 points) 

10.6 Examine the relationship between cohabitation and marital success. (6 points) 

10.7 (a) Interpret the incidence of partner abuse (2 points) 

(b) Describe the personality characteristics of abusers and of the abused partners. (8 points) 

For this last question, I expect you to use your textbook and then go to other sources for additional information. You will need to cite your sources/references for your answer to this question.

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