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1.A bad habit I have is biting my fingernails.I tend to bite them when I get nervous and frustrated.For example,when watching my favorite teams play I bite my nails because of the tension that has built up in me.This is a bad habit because of the germs that have been collected by touching things in which can be contributed into going in my mouth.This is a hard habit for me to break.Sometimes I don't realize that I'm biting my nails because I be so caught in whatever I'm doing at that moment.End result of this habit could cause me to get sick because of the germs and bacteria.


2.A habit that will affect my eyesight if I do not stop, is falling asleep with my contacts in. I have every attention of removing them before I go to bed, but I always managed to fall asleep. By the time I realize what I have done, it’s very late and doesn’t make sense for me to remove them. I just wake up and put drops in and go about my day. I know when I do this I’m depriving my corneas of oxygen. We get oxygen when we are awake but not when we are sleep and the contact is over the cornea so there is no oxygen. I can unintentionally scrape my eyes while I’m sleeping; Also, I can end up with a bacterial infection of the eyes; I know all of this but I continue to do it night after night. Because of the negative effects of sleeping with contacts in, this can lead to poor vision and my eyes can deteriorate over time.

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