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200 words each question-1 scholarly reference each

  1. This first week's readings relates organized crime as non-ideological.  What meanings do you gather from this reference?  Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?
  2. Interestingly, this week's readings of model structures depict operational methods of criminal groups. Is it safe to assume that both, Regional and Standard groups include 'lifetime' contracts of membership?
  3. Both, Core groups and Criminal Networks exhibit required elements of criminal organizations per this week's readings
  4. How often do you think 'effective control measurements' are implemented within these groups? Do members get a 'second chance' to comply, you think?
  5. Compare the various models that explain the structure of organized crime groups.
  6. activities of these individuals are not logical to abiding citizens. "Protectors include corrupt public officials, businesspersons, judges, attorneys, financial advisors, and others who individually (or collectively) protect the interests of the criminal group by abusing their authority"( chapter one). Is it safe to assume these 'protectors' are the reasons criminal organizations continue to thrive?  What are the best strategies to approach the problems of 'protectors', you think?
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