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1. each individual does shape their own destiny-to a large degree.  However, you can't deny, for many (not for all), a dysfunctional home life does contribute to the many that do not have a strong sense of values to make the correct decisions.  I shudder to think of where I would have ended up without my grandparents setting the proper tone for conduct and responsibility. What would my life look like having been raised by a prostitute, spending most of my time on the streets raising myself, with no other parent or viable family in the picture? Whose patterns of behavior would I emulate? Yes, I would make my own choices.  But with what frame-work as a moral compass?


 need to watch short video above and respond

Commenting on this video after watching-100 word response
on the life of Lucky Luciano.  He was one of the biggest leaders of the mafia and very instrumental in how
different crime families were formed and worked around each other.

How does an organized crime group differ from a terrorist group?  How are they alike?  Pick an example of each and use your examples in your answer.


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terrorism and organized crime
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